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November In Dallas Conference
November 17-19, 2017
Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX

Welcome to the 22nd annual NID Conference held by JFK Lancer. Each year we honor the legacy of President Kennedy, and strive to better understand the facts of his assassination. Speakers and guests from all over the globe come together for this exciting event to share the latest findings in the case, revisit eyewitness testimonies, and dare to challenge the status quo. This year, our focus will be on the 3,000+ government documents that are being released just months before this year's conference.

Held at the Beautiful Adolphus Hotel
Opened in 1912, the Adolphus Hotel features some beautiful renovations, while still preserving its turn-of-the-century charm.

"DISCONNECTION" // Why This Conference is so Unique
  Listen to an interview on "The Ochelli Effect" online radio, featuring Larry Hancock and this year's NID Conference. (16:27 JFK Lancer, 23:48 Conference)

The perennial question of JFK research is, “"When will they release the rest of the JFK documents”"? A great many people have anticipated that when the withheld documents in the government’s JFK records collection are finally released, the quest will be over. – Some even seem to expect that the release will actually confirm that the government was aware of a conspiracy at the heart of the assassination and that the knowledge will finally be revealed. Others truly do not understand that literally millions of pages of records have already been released to the public domain, and that decades of Freedom of Information Work by researchers has already added substantially to that body of information.
A message from the Program Chair, Larry Hancock

Actually, we do know what is forthcoming in the 2017 release, in some detail. Profiling the 2017 release, discussing its limitations and anticipating its actual impact was a large part of last year’s November in Dallas program. This November, in Dallas, we will be making a serious effort to provide attendees with an early view of significant findings in the releases, a challenging task given that key presenters will have only weeks in advance of the conference to dig into thousands of pages of newly released and documents. But those are thousands of pages as compared to the millions already released. And the JFK research community has already used those documents, as well as access to actual materials available at NARA to expose the fundamental flaws in the official story of the JFK assassination. The official story of the event, that three shots fired by an emotionally unstable lone nut, an isolated young man with no connections to other individuals or groups, someone totally unknown and “off the radar” of law enforcement and national intelligence, is simply false. We know that now and we have the evidentiary records and documents to prove that assertion. To stress that point, the theme for this year’s overall conference will be that of “"Disconnection"”, the disconnection of the official story from the historical reality.
We will be offering a variety of presentations which focus on that theme, the inherent disconnections embedded in the picture offered to the public by the Warren Commission report of 1964. Disconnects now thoroughly exposed by what can be documented as both legal and scientific issues with the evidence which it used to build its case, as well as the picture it painted of Lee Harvey Oswald. A picture intentionally falsified due to certain very real intelligence and security concerns, part of reactive effort which began to obscure the true history of the event within hours of the shots being fired. It is time for the final records releases but it’s also time to expose the historical farce which became the official dogma of the event. Join us in Dallas in November as we continue to do just that.

2017 Conference Speakers

Russ Baker: The Big Media Freeze
Russ Baker is founder and Editor in Chief of the news site WhoWhatWhy, which has been virtually alone among traditional, credentialed news outlets in regularly covering developments related to the JFK assassination with an open mind. WhoWhatWhy is at present meticulously studying the National Archives' release of thousands of previously withheld and previously redacted documents. Baker, a longtime presenter at Lancer, is an award winning investigative journalist and author of the best-selling book Family of Secrets, a large portion of which features a deep look at ties between George HW Bush, the CIA and the events of November 22, 1963.
Malcolm Blunt: JFK Records: Analysis and Opinion
Blunt is an independent investigator of the truth with an unbiased instinct for what is important and what is not in the details of President Kennedy's assassination. He is regarded within the assassination research community as an invaluable resource and an esteemed authority on the CIA and the JFK records held at the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, MD. He is the 1998 recipient of JFK Lancer's New Frontier Award In appreciation for his contribution of new evidence in furthering the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC).
Michael Chesser, M.D.: Studies of the HSCA enhanced skull x-rays with Jim Jenkins
Michael Chesser is a neurologist in clinical practice in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is board certified in neurology and clinical neurophysiology, and his background includes several years in academic practice and in clinical research. He is a relative newcomer to assassination research, and his interest was sparked after attending the AARC conference on the Warren Commission in 2014. He received permission to view the autopsy x-rays taken at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and he viewed the original x-rays and HSCA enhanced x-rays in April of 2015, at the National Archives in College Park. He then viewed the autopsy photographs in September of 2015, and most recently he viewed the digital images of the autopsy photographs which were produced by the Kodak Rochester facility for the ARRB.
Alan Dale: JFK Records: Analysis and Opinion
Alan Dale will be our moderator for the conference. He is the host of JFK Lancer: Conversations, an on-line interview program featuring in-depth discussions with prominent authors, historical researchers, and notable personalities associated with the study of President Kennedy’s assassination. He is a full-time professional jazz musician and band leader, a lifetime student of American history whose parents were active as supporters and volunteers in the political campaigns of John and Robert Kennedy. He is the administrator of
Brian Edwards: Comments on the Houston Mock Trial
Edwards served as a police officer with the Lawrence, Kansas Police Department for 22 years and served 7 years on the department’s tactical response team as a counter-sniper. Today, Brian is as an insurance investigator with a company out of Dallas. He holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas and served as an adjunct instructor in the Criminal Justice Department for 10 years. Edwards began studying the JFK assassination in 1969 and has collected over 400 books on the subject. Brian, along with Casey Quinlan, published “Beyond The Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy”, now available on Kindle. Brian is currently working on "A Tactical Analysis of the Assassination of President Kennedy". He was awarded the JFK Lancer Mary Ferrell "New Frontier" Award, 2011.
Chris Gallop: Texas: Money ,Oil, and Power
Chris was mentored by author/researcher J. Gary Shaw who he met in 1987. Chris was introduced to 1st generation researchers such as Penn Jones, Jr., Mary Farrell, Bud Fensterwald, Larry Harris, and Larry Howard where he honed his research skills. Chris is holds an annual Luncheon & Symposium in Mansfield, TX. He is also an administrator of several Facebook forums and groups which include “JFK-The Continuing Inquiry”, “A Tribute to Roger Craig”, “John F. Kennedy-Europe”, and “LBJ and the Murder of JFK”. He is the owner of Chris will have a table in the Conference book room again this year offering many items of interest. He is devoted to the JFK research community, lending his expertise and working closely with JFK Lancer to provide and assist with the important witnesses and research sources.
Larry Hancock: (1) Comments on the Mock Trial in Houston (2) ZR/RIFLE / Origins & Realities
Larry Hancock brings his formal training in history and cultural anthropology to his research and writing on Cold War history and national security subjects. Following service in the US Air Force, his career in computer/comm and tech marketing led to consulting on strategic analysis and planning studies. Lovingly known as a “document geek”, he has researched and published several collections of CIA, FBI and military documents prior to beginning his writing efforts. His document work led to his becoming a board member of the Mary Ferrell Foundation. With seven books in print, his most recent works include an exploration of long term patterns in covert action and deniable warfare (“Shadow Warfare”), the effectiveness of national command authority and command and control practices (“Surprise Attack”) and the national intelligence problem of UFOs (“Unidentified”). He has received the prestigious Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new evidence in the Kennedy assassination case, and the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award. Visit Larry's Site.
Andrew Kreig: Be the Media: Connecting JFK Records Disclosures To Next Year's 50th Focus On MLK, RFK  Kreig is a public affairs commentator who frequently connects the relevance of the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations to current affairs to show their continuing importance to new audiences. An attorney and non-profit executive for a quarter century in Washington, DC, he founded the Justice Integrity Project to expose under-reported stories and their impact. His board memberships include Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), whose PR committee he leads. He publishes CAPA’s updated online readers guides, which list leading books, films and events about the JFK, MLK and RFK deaths. His investigative work includes exposE9 books about the news media (Spiked) and White House (Presidential Puppetry). He earned law degrees from Yale School and the University of Chicago. He has lectured in major cities on five continents and analyzed current affairs for broadcast audiences.
Michael Marcades: Rose Cherami (Melba Christine Marcades)
Dr. Marcades has been involved in choral/instrumental conducting and performance for over three decades. Presently, he serves as Head Choir Director at Odessa High School, a 6A educational institution with over 4,000 students. Marcades authored a new book about his mother, Melba Christine Youngblood (Rose Cherami), called "Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals." Marcades, Rose's only son, pieces together the fragments of her troubled life - involving substance abuse, prostitution, and violence - to reveal startling truths about the events leading up to the assassination of President John Kennedy and what Rose may have known. Based on true events, JFK Lancer's Gathering Fallen Petals is an incredible and historically accurate account of one woman's struggle to overcome her demons.
Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer: Q&A
Mrs. Moorman Krahmer, a young housewife and mother, went to downtown Dallas to take a picture of President Kennedy for her grandson. She and her friend, Jean Hill, found the perfect spot to take photos that day, right in lovely Dealey Plaza. Using her new Polaroid camera, she took a split-second photo of the shot that killed President John F. Kennedy. For the past 52 years, Mary Ann has been a supporter of the JFK assassination research community by speaking out publicly and to groups of interested people, young and old. Taking her photos, some of the most famous in the world, was not the entirety of her life but kept her on a path of wondering what the truth of the president's death and the wounded Texas govenor, John Connally.
Jeff Morley: James Angleton and the Assassination of JFK
Morley is a veteran Washington journalist who has been writing about the JFK story for national publications since 1983. The editor of the JFK Facts blog, Morley is the author of two biographies which explore the CIA’s role in the events of 1963: “The Ghost The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton,” (St. Martin’s Presss 2017) and "Our Man in Mexico; Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA” (University Press of Kansas, 2008) His JFK journalism is collected in a ebook entitled “CIA & JFK: The Last Assassination Secrets.” In 2009, Morley was awarded the PEN/Oakland Censorship Award for his JFK reporting. In 2013, he gave the keynote address at the Lancer’s November in Dallas conference. He is the Washington correspondent for
Gary Murr: Fragmentation - The Disconnected History of Warren Commission Exhibit 842
Murr was the first Canadian to purchase a set of the original 26 volumes of testimony and exhibits published by the Warren Commission and spent his initial research years assembling various materials for Harold Weisberg. He was an early contributor to the research of Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams and arranged numerous contacts for the authors of the major Canadian radio documentary, “Though Shalt Not Kill.” He conducted research trips to the National Archives, College Park, Maryland, between the years 1997 and 2003, amassing unreleased documentation, which formed his extensive three volume trilogy on the wounding of Texas Governor John Connally, “Controlling The Past.” In his study "Forgotten", he worked to trace and reveal the true history of the alleged assassination ammunition, 6.5mm Mannlicher Carcano, manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company of East Alton, Illinois.
John Newman: (1) KGB-CIA Spy Wars: Oswald and the Angleton Molehunt in the CIA's Soviet Russia Division (2) Fiction is Stranger Than Truth: Antonio Veciana and David Phillips in Cuba
Dr. John Newman is a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer who served for two years as Military Assistant to the Director, General William Odom, at the National Security Agency, and has experience and expertise as a strategic intelligence cryptologic analyst. His 1991 ground-breaking book, JFK and Vietnam, led to Oswald and the CIA. Newman re-entered the JFK case in 2015 with the publication of Where Angels Tread Lightly: The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume One. The updated and expanded second edition of JFK and Vietnam appeared in January 2017, as did Countdown to Darkness. Dr. Newman is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at James Madison University. For the past quarter century his work has overturned orthodoxies, broken new ground, introduced new facts, and produced revelations about America during the Cold War.
Chuck Ochelli: The Kennedy Assassination and the Media
Chuck Ochelli is an independent media talk radio show host also known as "The Blind JFK Researcher". His study of the JFK assassination spans nearly 3 decades and is consistently featured on "The Ochelli Effect", striving to educate the public in the historical realities of November 22, 1963, which continue to influence the world today. This will be the first JFK Conference in which Mr. Ochelli has participated. Listen to his podcast about the NID Conference here.
Casey J. Quinlan: "Grave InJustice", Fabricating the Autopsy of President Kennedy and Institutionalizing its Cover Up  Quinlan is a retired Social Studies Instructor and has been in the classroom for 40 years. He has a Master’s in American History from Emporia State University and is currently an Adjunct Professor with the Criminal Justice Department at Washburn University and the Continuing Education Program at Ottawa University. 30 years ago, Quinlan formed an educational organization entitled “Project JFK/CSI Dallas” where his students toured Dallas, visited the assassination site in historic Dealey Plaza and met actual eyewitnesses. He served as a consultant for A&E helping to establish Oliver Stone’s historical documentation of the film, “JFK”. He co-authored, “Beyond The Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy”. He was awarded the JFK Lancer Mary Ferrell "New Frontier" Award, 2011
Randolph H. Robertson M.D.: Dr. James Young and the Bullet with the Bent Tip
Robertson, from Cookeville, Tennessee, is Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. He presented for the National Association of Medical Examiners, “Post-mortem Radiography in an Analysis of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”. He testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Legislation and National Security Subcommittee on Government Operations on the Effectiveness of the President John F. Kennedy Records Collection Act in Washington D.C. He was originally granted permission to view the original autopsy materials held at the National Archives in 1992 by Burke Marshall and again in 2015 by Senator Paul Kirk. In 2015 he viewed the images created by Kodak for the AARB from the roll of 120 film exposed to light during the autopsy. He is the only Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist outside governmental review panels to have seen the original autopsy materials. He is also a board member of the Assassination Archives and Research Center.
Carmine Savastano: Assassination Myths and Misses
Carmine Savastano is an author, researcher, and Editor-in-Chief of the Neapolis Media Group. His writings focus on intelligence, government, and international politics. He has studied legal documents for years, written over sixty research articles based on verifiable evidence, makes regular appearances in the independent media, and had several research findings accepted by the Mary Ferrell Foundation and Assassination Archives and Research Center.
J. Gary Shaw: A New, Old Witness
Shaw, a first generation researcher, co-author of the book "Cover Up, The Governmental Conspiracy to Conceal the Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy" (1976), is from Cleburne, Texas. He formerly acted as co-director with the late Larry N. Howard of the JFK Assassination Information Center in Dallas. Shaw also worked with Mary Ferrell to produce the Assassination Symposium on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" held in Dallas in the 1990's. His second book, "JFK: The Conspiracy of Silence and Trauma Room One" (2001) with Parkland Hospital doctor, Charles Crenshaw, and D. Bradley Kizzia, became a sensation when the book contents were disputed in the Journal of American Medical (JAMA) leading to a lawsuit. Crenshaw won a hard-fought court settlement over the damage to his reputation. Shaw was awarded the Mary Ferrell JFK Lancer Pioneer Award in 2015.
Bill Simpich: (1) Comments on the Mock Trial in Houston (2) ZR/RIFLE / Origins and Realities
Simpich is a civil rights attorney and an antiwar activist in the San Francisco Bay Area. The main areas of his law practice are government misconduct and toxic tort violations. He also writes for publications such as Truthout, Counterpunch and OpedNews. He considers the assassination cases to be a poorly understood area of civil rights violations. To preserve cold cases, he is preparing a proposed JFK Preservation of Evidence Act that would be applicable in both of these areas of the law and administered by a citizen panel similar to the ARRB. His study of the JFK case focuses on the documentary evidence, rather than firearms, acoustics, and other forensic evidence. He was awarded the JFK Lancer Mary Ferrell "New Frontier" Award, 2011
Stu Wexler: More on the Library Card mystery
Wexler is a teacher of World History, AP Government at Hightstown High School, Hightstown, NJ. His JFK assassination research has focused on the issues connected to the chemical analysis of the ballistics material, in which he has collaborated with chemist Tom Pinkston. Wexler is a regular speaker at JFK Lancer’s NID Conference, as well as at the Wecht conference, and the AARC conference; several of those times were opposite Dr. Kenneth Rahn, NAA advocate, from the University of Rhode Island. Wexler’s other Kennedy interests focus on Oswald's background and associates leading up to November 22nd. He co-authored the book, "The Awful Grace of God," with Larry Hancock, on the MLK assassination. He was awarded the JFK Lancer Mary Ferrell "New Frontier" Award, 2011.

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