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Tony Szamboti <> I am a 55 year old mechanical engineer who grew up and  still lives in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. I have worked in the  aerospace industry for a majority of my career for companies such as GE  Aerospace, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Martin. I am also a Navy veteran  having served four years as an enlisted aircraft maintenance mechanic in the  late 1970s. My engineering degree is from Villanova University, which I  attended during the 1980s after getting out of the service.

Being born in 1956 I am old enough to remember  the day of the assassination, and of course as I got older had suspicions that  the explanation of the Warren Commission was problematic and a cover-up  through discussions with people in my family who were suspicious over the  years. However, I didn't actually become deeply interested myself  until the mid to late 1980s after finally seeing the Zapruder film on  cable TV's A&E network. Geraldo Rivera, who was the first to actually show  the Zapruder film on national TV, actually had me on his show in Nov. 2010  about the current controversy over WTC 7 (the third building that collapsed in  NYC on Sept. 11, 2001). You can see the eight minute clip of me on the show  with a man named Bob McIlvaine, who is also from the Philadelphia area, and  who lost his son that day in NYC here

 The doctor told him all of his sons wounds were on the front of his body. He  lost an arm and much of his face and had a lot of shrapnel in his chest,  but no wounds on his back or the back of his body. Bob believes he was  killed by an explosion while entering the North Tower before the  buildings came down. The firefighters did say the lobby looked like a bomb  went off in there. Unfortunately, it appears there are problems with the  official 911 story, much like the Kennedy assassination.


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