JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Awards

New Frontier Award
Promise Award
Legacy Award
Pioneer Award


Courage Award 2013

This special award goes to the Bethesda witnesses for their courage
in sharing their firsthand experiences with the research community.
Dennis David, Jim Jenkins, Paul O'Connor, Jim Sibert


Dennis Daved Jim Jenkins Paul O'Connor Jim Sibert

New Frontier Award

In appreciation for your contribution of new evidence and futhering
the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko 1996 David Lifton 1996 Gordon Winslow 1996 George Michael Evica 1996 Jack White 1996 John Newman 1996
Robert Chapman 1997 J. Gary Shaw 1997 Vincent Palamara 1997 Joe Backes 1997 Martha Moyer 1997 Noel Twyman 1998
Wallace Milam 1998 Carol Hewett 1998 Stewart Galanor 1998 Martin Shackelford 1998 Ian Griggs 1998 Malcolm Blunt 1998
Hal Verb 1998 Cheryl Overfield, JFK Resources Online 1999 John Kelin, Fair Play Magazine 1999 Clint Bradford, Attention To Details 1999 Deannie Richards, The JFK Place 1999 Tom Blackwell, Email Updates 1999
J.W. Masland, The Nook of Eclectic Inquiry 1999 Stan Clark 1999 David Mantik 2000 Michael Parks 2000 Noel Twyman 2000 Larry Hancock 2000
Mark Sobel 2001 Donald Thomas 2002 Bill Miller 2003 Sherry Gutierrez 2003 Tom Pinkston 2005 Stuart Wexler 2005
John Hunt 2005 Don Roberdeau 2006 Rex Bradford, Mary Ferrell Foundation Archive 2006 Randy Owen 2008 Dick Russell 2009 John Sanders 2010
Brian Edwards 2011 Casey Quinlan, 2011 Bill Simpich, 2011 Stephen Roy, 2012 Pat Speer, 2012 Pamela M. Brown, Limousine studies , 2013
Bill Kelly, JFK Act Releases, 2013 Bart Kamp,
Malcolm Blunt,
Chris Gallop,
Joan Mellen,
Bill Simpich,

Russ Baker


Jeff Morely


Carmine Savastano





“In appreciation for your new and innovative efforts in advancing interest and study
in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”

Steve Thomas Joey Granati, 2010
Frank Beckendorf, 2012 Joe Hall, 2012

Legacy Award

Presented in appreciation for your permanent additions to the record of the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Joseph Backes 1998
Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko 1998
Tom Jones 1999
Larry Hancock 2001
Malcolm Blunt 2001
Ed Sherry 2001
Rex Bradford, History Matters 2002
Gerald McKnight, Weisberg Archives 2006
Phil Hopley, 2006
Betty Windsor, 2009
Clay Ogolvie 2010
Randy Owen 2010
Jim DiEugenio, CTKA, 2011 Ben Rogers, W. R. Poage Legislative Library, 2012
William Law, 2013
Bethesda Witnesses, 2013
Alan Rogers, 2013 Larry Haapanen, 2013
Bob Cochran, Prayers for Researchers 2017

Rex Bradford, Mary Ferrell Archive, 2017

Russ Baker, JFK Facts 2017 John Hunt, RFK Materails
Ms. Pat Hall,
Oswald Rooming House Museum, 2018

Kenneth Zediker, Photography Collection, 2018

Pioneer Award

"In appreciation for your lifetime of searching for
the truth in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy"

Mary and Buck Ferrell 1996
Elaine and Penn Jones 1996
Lillian and Harold Weisberg 1996
Peter Dale Scott 1997
George Michael Evica 1997
Gaeton Fonzi
David Lifton
Stewart Galanor 1999
Hal Verb
Jerry Rose
Josiah Thompson 2002
Dick Russell
Earl Golz
Robert Dorff
Jim Marrs
Dr. Robert McClelland 2009
Robert White 2009
Brian McKenna, 2010
Barry Ernest,
James Lesar,

Jerry Policoff,

J. Gary Shaw, 2015
Wallace Milam, 2015
Dr. Cyril Wecht,
Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko, 2016

Sherry Fiester, Crime Scenes Study, 2017

John Newman, Military Intelligence, 2017

Malcolm Blunt,


Rex Bradford,
Mary Ferrell Foundation, 2018

Bill Simpich, Crypt Identification, 2018


The Mary Ferrell Foundation is a non-profit organization engaged in an ongoing effort to bring
accessible and interactive history to a new generation of critical thinkers.

If we are truly living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we'd better damn well prove it now....      
-- Mary Ferrell, November 1992