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Forensic Reconstruction
Sherry Fiester

JFK HomicideSince 1963, Forensic Analysis Techniques have evolved and technology has become more advanced in a wide variety of fields. As a result, controversies surrounding the assassination have increasing looked to the forensic community for analysis of this confusing and hotly debated homicide.

In 1993 Sherry Gutierrez, a Certified Senior Crime Scene Investigator and Court recognized expert begin to apply her professional expertise to the Kennedy Assassination. The result has been several NID Presentations, the development of 4 expanded presentations and several articles of interest to the assassination researcher. One area that has entrenched supporters on each side are the questions “Did the head shot come from the front or the back? Where was the shooter?” and, “Was there more than one gunshot wound to the head?” The medical records are rife with contradicting testimony and evidence. By using the same Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Trajectory Analysis techniques she’s used in court for over 20 years, Sherry Gutierrez answers these basic questions.

The information provided here is updated and expanded from previous NID presentations; with hidden slides available to the viewer giving documentation and additional information to insure a through understanding of the material presented.

Sherry Gutierrez JFK Assassination ResearchThe DVD Includes:

Four New PowerPoint Presentations
• Bloodspatter Analysis in the Kennedy Murder: Proving a Frontal Headshot
• Trajectory Analysis of Kennedy’s Fatal Head Wound
• Crime Scene Investigation: 1963 Protocols
• Trajectory Analysis in the Tippit Shooting

Copies of Previous Publications:
• “Blood Evidence; What Does the Blood Tell Us?” JFK Lancer Publications, 1997
• “Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the Kennedy Assassination” The Echo, England, 2002

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