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Lynn Mangan
RFK Assassination Research

The Most Trusted And Chief Researcher For Sirhan Sirhan

“Mangan in particular has come up with evidence that should properly cause any court to doubt the legitimacy of the case against Sirhan. This [work] owes much to her guidance through the snaking paths of contradictory evidence, and her assistance has been both generous and exacting.”
Lisa Pease

Lynn Mangan’s Report, with Sirhan’s late older brother Adel, is a culmination of a four-year long examination and review of hundreds of evidentiary records that are housed in the California State Archives in Sacramento, California. The Report also includes the complete autopsy report done on Senator Kennedy, by then Los Angeles County Chief Medical Examiner-Coroner, Thomas T. Noguchi, M.D., as well as excerpted transcripts of crucial testimony given during Sirhan’s trial from January 7, 1969 to April 17, 1969.

  • Lynn Mangan’s RFK Assassination Evidence Report - 350 Pages

  • Evidence Photos

  • LAPD Witness List

  • Draft Autopsy Report

  • LAPD Case Prep

  • LAPD Evidence and Lab Book

  • RFK-FBI Report Booklets

  • Sherry Gutierrez’s article on Methods Of Firearms Examination

  • August 3, 1994, Lynn Mangan and Lowell Bradford, along with Lawrence Teeter and Adel

  • Sirhan, visit to the California State Archives. (movie file)

  • 1998 interview featuring Larry Teeter, Rose Lynn Mangan and Adel Sirhan, Los Angeles community access cable TV show, “Over the Shoulder,” with Glen Lynch. This program was sponsored by JFK Lancer. (audio file)

  • Special Unit Senator composite film: “Senator Kennedy Assassination”, June 5, 1968. (movie file)


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