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If you need a more reliable image, video or audio search, look no futher. These sites contain some of the best and most trustworty media we've found on the web. If you are looking for general JFK research resources, please visit our Research Collections page.

Audio, Video & Photos

Website This website, created by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, is for celebrating the legacy of the JFK presidency. You will find timelines, audio clips, photos and easily downloadable resources available for creating your own presentations.


Website Randy Owen’s “JFK Assassination Photo Chronology” assembles all the known photography from the Dealey Plaza crime scene in a well-annotated second-by-second visual chronology, an invaluable tool for understanding the exact circumstances of the assassination.


Website Robin Unger’s JFK Assassination Research Photo Galleries is the most extensive collection of still photos related to JFK’s trip to Dallas, his death and its immediate aftermath. The site includes many rare photos along with an interesting collection of newspaper front pages. JFK photo research starts here.


Website The White House Photographs found on the JFK Library and Museum and Web site document the Kennedy presidency on almost daily basis from January 1961 through November 22, 1963 with behind-the-scenes imagery from his inauguration, the Cuban missile crisis, family life, and the final trip to Dallas.

Audio & Video

Website This interactive timeline of Kennedy's short trip to Dallas is driven by a database of events, people and organizations. To explore the day of the assassination and the three days following, click any point on the timeline and a window will open with more information. Sources: Dallas Morning News archives; WFAA-TV.


Website Helmer Reenberg's YouTube channel offers the greatest collection of Kennedy administration and Kennedy family historical videos to be found anywhere.

Radio Shows

Website Brent Holland is the radio host of two syndicated shows through the NCRA broadcast system. The Brent Holland Show (interviews with Prime Ministers, Heads of State, Nobel Peace Laureates, Pulitzer, Icons and Night Fright (paranormal / conspiracy) which is the number one Canadian-based show of its genre. His programs are focused on students of all ages. He has interviewed many notable figures including Ted Sorensen who wrote JFK's Nuclear Test Ban Treaty speech.

Radio Shows

Website Broadcast every Thursday from Vancouver, BC, Black Op Radio provides the best in world-wide political conspiracy research. Host Len Osanic covers topics focusing on the JFK Assassination with weekly update-reporting on current research around the world, as well as the MLK and RFK Assassinations, 9/11 and other current events.


Website These are the ARRB/HSCA audio recordings that Steve Kossor created for Doug Horne. There are about 50 recordings in the collection. We sincerely appreciate the trust that Doug Horne extended to Steve in making the ARRB and HSCA recordings available.

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